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        About us
        Shanghai Chengbang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a city-based investment in auto parts manufacturers in Shanghai, the company is located in Shanghai International Automobile City Jiading Anting Lian West Development Zone Cao Road 43. (G2), Shenhai high-speed (G15) and other transportation main road, from the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Hongqiao Railway Station and China, the hotel is located in the city center, National Convention and Exhibition Center is only 20 minutes by car.【View】
        Contact us
        . Shanghai Chengbang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd

        Shanghai, China
        No.43, Cao Lian Road, Lianxi Development Zone, Jiading District, Shanghai
        E-mail: chengbang@www.hokummusic.com
        Website: www.www.hokummusic.com

        Mr. Jiang Zhipeng
        Tel: 0086-21-69597038
        Fax: 0086-21-69597036
        E-mail: chengbang@188.com

        Mr. Liu Changlu
        Tel: 0086-21-69597059
        Fax: 0086-21-69597031
        E-mail: 13918971309@139.com